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The Biggest Mistake with Cash Leveraging Programs

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Mature Cash Leveraging Programs Offer Realistic Alternative to MLMs

cash leveraging programsCash leveraging programs a.k.a. cash gifting programs have become very popular again. Ordinary people and professionals are looking to generate extra cash without having to pitch and sell products. And let’s face the facts, people of getting tired of hyped up, ever changing mlm models (multi-level marketing) that launch with fanfare only to close down within two years or sooner.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great mlms out there. I’m still in one myself. But without extensive skills and resources, you generally need years of sowing seeds in order to reap any significant rewards. Plus you need hundreds and thousands of active affiliates and buyers in your teams to benefit. They have to stay in, stay active and keep buying your products or services. The ones at the top are usually the only winners.

Residual cash leveraging and gifting cash between participants took off on the internet years ago. And, for sure, mistakes were made in some early programs. Some pioneers in gifting even tried to mimic the mlm business model which jeopardized their legality and the intention of quality cash gifting programs.

And, of course, the big mlms with their affiliates and resellers along with a handful of anti-home business bloggers squawked online about this revolutionary concept of cash leveraging programs at the time. But the fundamentals were sound. The industry is gaining strength again.

After all, you don’t have to pitch products, recruit thousands to receive a buck or explain complicated compensation plans and high attrition rates. The simplicity of an 80/20 split with residual cash leveraging was, and still is, perceived by some as a threat to the mlm industry.

Good Cash Leveraging Programs are Simple

Cash leveraging programs are simple because you don’t have to explain a lot. You don’t have to sell any products, powders, potions, lotions, pills or creams. There is no complicated compensation plan of 1%, 3%, 5% or whatever tiny %. There is no multi-level structure to have to draw out on page after page just to grasp the big picture potential with a 45 minute “overview” presentation by some expert because nobody else really understands it anyway.

This is about what people truly want…money. It’s all about gifting cash and receiving cash with an 80/20 split, which is a very good thing. And real money gets delivered to your door overnight. A good cash gifting system is simple. Simple to understand. Simple to explain.

A proper cash leveraging system with integrity like The People’s Program (TPP) is about helping and blessing, sowing and reaping, giving and receiving.

Fair Cash Leveraging Programs Work for More People

A good cash gifting program is easy to understand, fair and equal opportunity for all levels, and therefore easier for more ordinary people to grasp and succeed. Simplicity attracts more participants at every level from the novice to the professionals. Fair cash gifting programs offer credit upgrades to level the playing field for all. With 10 gifting levels, TPP has something to fit almost anyone’s budget.

Top quality cash leveraging programs like TPP have matured gracefully over the years and prospered many families around the world.


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