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Christian Business Opportunities Are Principled

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Christian Business Opportunities Are Everywhere

christian business opportunitiesToday, there are more Christian business opportunities than ever before. Some are obviously Christian related, as evidenced by the business’s concept, mission statement, marketing copy and the products and/or services being offered. Other types of businesses, though not touted as Christian business opportunities, can be headed and run by Christian based business principles.

In this way, a Christian can make most any business models of integrity into Christian business opportunities. By incorporating Christian values and principles, it is possible to create Christian business opportunities.

Christian business opportunities may involve products that are obviously Christian, such as Christian music CDs, t-shirts and Christian literature. These are just one of many types of Christian businesses. Christian business opportunities might not sell a Christian-related product or service but can nonetheless be considered a Christian business.

For example, Chick-Fil-A is owned by Samuel Truett Cathy. Cathy operates all aspects of his franchise and franchise partners using Christian based business principles and most would thus agree that it’s a Christian based business. With some of these concepts in mind, I have listed a number of Christian business opportunities.

Christian Business Opportunities Are Almost Everywhere You Choose

a. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business opportunity appropriate for Christians. It involves selling another person’s products for a percentage of the sales. Affiliates are free to  choose their affiliations with good, wholesome ventures.

b. Christian gifting business: Cash gifting has matured over the last 10 years and it involves gifting cash to another person, group, cause, or organization, but is often nowadays a part of an organized gifting community. Members in these gifting clubs can gift once and then repeatedly receive cash gifts from new members, thus sowing and reaping, helping and blessing. Anyone interested in getting involved in cash gifting should perform their due diligence as with anything online. While there are several above-board and legal gifting programs out there, there are still some popping up which are not Christian and not even legal in a few cases.

c. Sales: There are plenty of Christian business opportunities in sales. A person can choose to sell Christian-related products, services, mementos or items which aren’t necessarily Christian but still wholesome and something a person can be proud to attach their name to.

d. Online Auctions: Online auction websites such as eBay are a popular way to generate cash from home and have made many people a lot of money. This type of online business is easy to start and depending on what a person is selling, doesn’t necessarily require a huge, initial investment. This could be considered your own Christian home based business.

e. MLM: MLM (aka multilevel marketing) still reigns as one of the most popular home based business opportunities. There are many Christian home based business opportunities with MLM. And while it is possible to make money with extensive sales and recruiting via the MLM model, it can be very difficult to succeed, especially for individuals without strong sales, communication, and marketing skills. On top of that you do need a fair amount of free time and resources to generally succeed.

Christian Based Opportunities Are Often What You Make Them

Hopefully these Christian business opportunities have provided you with some examples of worthy business ideas out there. Christian business opportunities don’t necessarily have to involve selling a Christian related product or service. As long as the person or board who’s running it is Christian principled and is running it according to the principles and best practices of the Christian faith, then many would say that it qualifies as a Christian business.

Being a born again believer myself, I find that the people and principles, more than the industry, make for worthy Christian business opportunities.


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